Buzz Honey Hive Door

Location: 42 Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf, South Australia 5245 Australia
Phone: 8388 1802
Mobile: 8388 0274


Whether you are a raw honey aficionado or a food buff, treat yourself to a visit at our Hive Door. Free Honey Tasting Savour the pure, raw goodness of our multi-award winning, hand selected honeys. Be pleasantly surprised at how a single floral source can subtly alter the taste of each honey. Start with the delicate Meadow and work through to Orange Blossom and Blue Gum, and then move onto the strong bold flavours of Bush Mallee and Leatherwood. Shopping From baby clothing to skincare items and homeware, here’s where you will lose yourself in a treasure trove of honey and bee related products. Live Beehive Watch some of our ‘buzzy’ team mates at work without having to put on a bee suit.