Murder & Music at the Manor

Murder & Music at the Manor

Date: 10 June

At Manor Basket Range Manor Basket Range

0402 431 315

Due to popular demand, we are continuing our Murder & Music Mystery events beyond Fringe and to a new location! Welcome to the Basket Range Manor. Albert Pinchbeck has built his castle for his current fling but she has proven not to be interested. He has become a reclusive man with quarrelsome relatives. He has invited them all, and some of his closest friends to the Manor for a reading of his will. Tensions build and lead to murder. Throughout the game, you are surrounded by suspects and potential victims a la Agatha Christie and your task is to learn the family secrets and ultimately, the identity of the murderer. You will gain points throughout the night but do be careful not to become a victim yourself! Michelle Nightingale and Emma Knights will keep you entertained an guessing with a live soundtrack full of clues to help you progress. Come dressed in character and be prepared to fully immerse yourself in the mystery! Strictly limited numbers for this murder mystery and your ticket includes a full three-course meal by the manors 5-star rated chef.

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