Hahndorf Winter Lantern Festival

Hahndorf Winter Lantern Festival

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The Festival and Parade day: Sat 25 August. We start at 2pm with activities such as lantern decorating for the kids. 
We will be working with the local community and schools in order to create artful lantern sculptures that will be paraded down the main straight of Hahndorf and displayed in the Hahndorf Academy grounds. The grounds will be transformed into a colourful and dynamic space, decorated with a large array of lanterns and dotted with local vendor food stalls as well as craft and activities including shadow puppetry and fire puppetry. The theme for this year is ‘Poetry’ and will include the use of poetry either incorporated with lantern designs, or performed publicly in the Adelaide Hills Winter Poetry Competition. Just before Sundown (approximately 6.10pm) a candlelit lantern parade, accompanied by the Hahndorf Town Band, will make its way down the main street of Hahndorf and make an entrance back at the festival. Following this live bands will play leading up to a fire mural display at 8pm. HWLF organisers include local artists Tony Hannan, Rebecca Prince, Zinia King and Evie O'Brien. And the Academy Team Rachel McElwee and Rebecca Robinson, The Hahndorf Academy staff and volunteers.

We are hosting the Adelaide Hills Winter Poetry Competition and the organizers are keen to promote the writing, display, performance and enjoyment of poetry in our community. Please submit your entries to the competition by the 15th of August for review and judging. All ages welcome.

Performers include:
The Rebound Musicians play on new instruments made out of scrap industrial materials built by Qld artists Emma Mcdonald and Steve Langton. These include a 2 part Thongaphone, a Baxterphone, a Metalaphone, two octaves of Mag wheel bells, 2 Marimbas, 2 Sub vibes, 2 wearable Dr Who-a-phones and several Doofs.

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