Deborah Twining Exhibition that looks at History and stories

Deborah Twining Exhibition that looks at History and stories

Date: 17 January - 17 March

Categories: General Events

Tags: Woodside

Deborah Twining When tales are long and often turn corners Exhibition Dates Wednesday January 17th to Sunday March 17th. Exhibition opening Saturday February 16th at 4pm History is a complex recollection of events, where forgetting can be as important as remembering. Somewhere embodied in the stories that people tell is the life and achievements of Nurse Bertha Emilie Schmidtke. This year marks the 100yr anniversary of this remarkable woman, whom against all odds established the Ambleside Maternity Hospital in what is now the Hahndorf Academy, South Australia. Artist Deborah Twining attempts to unravel the truths that wrapped up her world. In the process give some narrative to Nurse Schmidtke’s valuable but largely unrecognised achievements.

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