Aleenta BARRE Day Retreat

Aleenta BARRE Day Retreat

Date: 20 October

At Longview Vineyard Longview Vineyard

1800 672 606

BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT. IT'S TIME FOR A RETREAT THAT'S CREATED JUST FOR YOU. A DEDICATED DAY OF WELLNESS… Imagine the sun caressing your skin as you look out over the green valleys and vines. The tension in your shoulders lifts leaving you completely relaxed and at peace with the here and now. It’s time you treated yourself to a day of self-care, time out from the busy-ness of everyday. By day’s end you'll feel light, lithe and genuinely exhilarated. We Promise. WHAT DOES THE DAY ENTAIL? You will disconnect and set your intention for the day with the zen Jason McGrice. We will then get you moving with a class outdoors to stretch and rejuvenate. It’s then onto a Gut Health Masterclass with Raw Food Guru, Remedy Bliss. You will then enjoy a specially-curate leisurely lunch followed by a Barre Burn class on the Verandah. Next up is some time for exploring and chill-axing. But not for long as you experience “Yin & Pin”. A Yin Yoga Class with acupuncture. And if that’s not your thing, you can enjoy Yin Yoga and a mini-massage. The day will culminate with a well-earned wine tasting, it’s all about balance, right?

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